About the Author

Welcome! Sois le bienvenue! Bienvenido! Samukele! Tigashire! Akwaaba! Karibu!

My name is Nomathemba Pearl Dzinotyiwei. By day I am a senior manager at a leading international bank. I write and blog in my free time. My interests include, no prizes for guessing, reading, writing, as well as art, music, dance and film and voluntary work. I am married and my husband and I have two teenage sons.

My faith and spirituality are essential elements of my life. I am a proud member of the Methodist Church. I am studying theology and training as a lay preacher. I am also a board member of His Storehouse, a non-profit organization based at Northrand Methodist Church, which supplies food for feeding schemes in schools and church soup kitchens in the Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg

I am passionate about creating a better world. I am active on Twitter, my handle is @NomaDzino. You will see my tweets are about black pride, African unity, human rights, freedom, women’s rights, education and health and the environment.

I hope you will find the blog interesting and informative. I look forward to interacting with you and to creating a better world.